Epic Privacy Browser- a Great Privacy-Focused web browser based on Chromium Made in India

Epic Browser is not the first nor will it be the last Chromium-based web program that expects to enhance client security. The point when Google Chrome was discharged years back, alternate party Chromium-based programs showed up without further ado from there on that offered a large portion of what Chrome needed to offer, yet without numerous of the following or security attacking characteristics that Google's program dispatched with. 

The lion's share of the aforementioned programs are still around, and Epic Browser will contend with them and Chrome, and most likely other web browsers also. 

The homepage of Epic Browser concentrates on protection, first clarifying how you are constantly followed on the Internet, and afterward how Epic Browser helps you secure yourself when you are searching the Internet.

Epic Browser review

According to that page, it fixes 11 potential leaks that may reveal information about you and your browsing habits to Internet companies such as Google.

  • No address bar suggest
  • No URL checks
  • Auto-translate has been removed.
  • No URL Tracker
  • Installation ID removed
  • RLZ-Tracking number removed
  • Default Updater removed.
  • Installation time stamp removed.
  • No alternate error pages.
  • No navigation error suggestions
  • No error reporting

epic browser,privacy protection

Notwithstanding that, it pretty much defaults to private scanning mode by averting the recording of history, reserves, passwords, prefetching and different characteristics that may uncover data about the client. 

That is however still insufficient. It clears all searching information on passageway of course, determining that any data that were required throughout the session are uprooted from the framework simultaneously. 

As you may have recognized, this may affect how you function with the program as you can't make utilization of characteristics that you might have come to depend on. 

The engineers of Epic Browser have added characteristics to the program that not Chrome or Chromium ship with. This incorporates a single click Us substitute server (fueled by Spotflux) that clients can make utilization of to shroud their unique Ip address when they are scanning on the Internet (yes, this incorporates access to Us-just administrations, for example Hulu), combined advertisement blocking and tracker blocking, programmed hindering of unbiased gathering treats, and immediate utilization of https forms of sites if furnished. 

It is intriguing to note that Epic will empower the substitute naturally on Google to counteract the following of your Ip address on the site. What more? It obstructs the sending of the referral header when you utilize the web index with the goal that alternate party sites don't comprehend what your inquiry term was that headed you to their site. 

An alternate intriguing characteristic is the umbrella symbol that you can use for brisk access to a few center characteristics, for example promotion and unbiased gathering treat blocking.
umbrella key,epic


You are likely pondering about downsides of utilizing the browser. The foremost thing that rings a bell are the characteristics that you can't use, for example spell checking, auto-interpretation or session restore. A few characteristics are left for the client to choose, for example the sparing of passwords in the program, while others can't be adjusted in any structure or way. 

The location bar look supplier is situated to epicsearch.in. Consistent with the engineers, income produced here is utilized to back the browser and administrations it gives. They besides state that the ads showed here are just dependent upon a client's inquiry question and an unpleasant area check. 

Closing Words 

It is so unanticipated it is not possible tell if Epic Browser will make a huge sprinkle or remain a corner browser that engages a security centered crowd. 

I wish it might give clients decision with respect to a percentage of the characteristics as it might enhance the browser's convenience. It might then be the client's choice to give up some security for accommodation. 

The engineers have guaranteed to discharge the source code of the browser soon. For the time being however, it is not accessible.

Download Link :: Click Here
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Know More about Li-Fi Technology Replace by Wi-Fi

Li-Fi — that just-over-the-horizon wi-fi technological innovation which could help daily LED lights into 10 Gbps wi-fi locations — has a lot of individuals discussing nowadays. With a professional item guaranteed later this season and the technical already in try out, we might all be trippin' the lamplight amazing actual soon.

But other than really, really amazing film loading prices of speed, what do we care? According to its founder Harald Haas, Li-Fi provides a package of market programs that frequent Wi-Fi just doesn't evaluate up to. Here are a few of those exclusive advantages.

How Li-Fi Works

The procedure of Li-Fi is this: noticeable mild has 10,000 periods as wide a variety as the stereo wavelengths which Wi-Fi uses, enabling for much more data transfer useage, once utilized. This is achieved by the playful of LED lightbulbs to make binary rule (on = 1, off = 0), and is done at greater prices than the eye can identify. The more LEDs in your mild, the more information it can procedure.
new wifi tech,li-fi technology

A complication of Li-Fi is that your cable instantly becomes your information flow, so if you have energy, you have On the internet. The only facilities is an prepared lightbulb. Internet company doesn't even need to carry you a box, they just link you to their power-grid-mounted indication relays, and you're online.
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Easy Ways to Root Android System (Mobile or Tablet)

We discuss Rooting any system it means getting all the rights and access an android operating system performance to get the most out of our android operating system.

Important factors to note:

Before you Root your phone

  • You must know that rooting your system will break its warranty.
  • Backup all you information.

There are many benefits of rooting

  • You can run all(unsigned & signed) applications for based phones
  • Free some memory
  • Improved performance and enhanced battery power timing
  • Custom designs and looks (ROMs)
  • You can use plenty of fun applications that to alter you calling and text messaging.

step by step guide

  1. Your first most step is get the software from this weblink. They provide free as well as compensated edition. But we are going to implement with  free one.
  2. Download the tool to your pc for use.
  3. Use the installation to set up Unlock root tool.
  4.  You will find the main information file on your desktop computer.
  5. Connect your android operating system device to your pc using the information wire offered with your device.
  6. Download the necessary drivers from internet or from the offered CD.
  7. After finishing establishing up your android operating system with pc, run the above described application from your desktop computer and use the key that says, root.
  8. Then a huge number of gadgets will be on your display that the application has capability to root.
  9. From there search and choose your mobile or product.
  10. Start and provides it some time to complete. When completed, the application will let you know.
  11. Give you android operating system a break by disconnecting from pc.
  12. Restart your android operating system phone or tablet to see the changes.
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Free Movie Download | Watch Movie Online | Streaming Sites

Watching online video clips (streaming) is sometimes better than installing. Why? Because it’s faster! These days, sites that have 100 % free loading films disappear quite quickly. That’s why sometimes it’s hard to find a good website to look at your 100 % free films or TV shows on. 

Bestfreestreaming is here to help out!  How?  By including a constantly updated list with links to the top 10 free movie loading sites. On these sites you’ll be able to look at online video clips without ever installing. 

Website Descriptions:

1 | Viooz.co -  A really awesome customer interface creates Viooz simple to use ! A black qualifications helps you to save from glare. But what really creates Viooz so attractive is the play-back convenience and inventiveness. Be sure the examine the end right area of it clip gamer, where you can modify the film high quality. Films only.

2 | Primewire.ag - Aka: Letmewatchthis & 1channel. This is quickly the best 100 % free film site of 2013! Here you can you discover top high quality and fast running hyperlinks ( Use Putlocker or Sockshare hyperlinks ). Primewire has a large data source of 100 % free movies and tv reveals. Its hard to not to discover what your looking for! Problems have been revealed on their their past URL (1channel) - just click for more details.
online movie,watch online

3 | Movie4k.to - Aka: Movie2k. This is our quickest increasing contender! Movie4k is defo a celebrity in the on the internet running scene! Here you'll discover multilingual film choices and a lot of modified HD hyperlinks. Very well-known in Malaysia and very simple to use! Usually fast most of the time. Movie2k was taken down in July 2013 but was soon changed by its clone: Movie4k - just click for more details.

4 | SolarMovie.so - The 'yellow sun' running site! A extensive range of headings prepared to be viewed with a lot of HD hyperlinks for most contemporary movies and TV reveals. We really like that SolarMovie is very simple to use and has a lot of working hyperlinks. For those seeking to get more engaged, a active community area will add to the benefit Solarmovie. 

5 | Free-tv-video-online.me - Aka: Project-Free-Tv . The old university running champion! Project-Free Tv may look like its on the way out - but it continues to be an excellent web page with modified hyperlinks and a attractive deficiency of pop-up ads! When you look for a given TV Display youautomatically area on the most latest show :)

6 | Zmovie.co - Aka: Watch-Movies .  All headings on Zmovie appear with an IMDb ranking - which allowsyou to surf through and see what might be awesome to look at. We also like that each weblink has a high quality ranking to identify damaged hyperlinks. 

7 | Alluc.to - Aka: Alluc.org - A very awesome re-design has put Alluc back on the map! Website material is now attractive to get around and hyperlinks are still as numerous as before. Don't miss-out on the Cartoons, Animated, Activities, and Documentaries sections!

8 | Freemoviesaddict.com - Films only. For those that like to surf by category or year, FMA is the place to go! Freemoviesaddict has an itemized conclusion and movie trailer for each headline that will help you choose what to look at. 

9 | Tubeplus.me - This is the best web page to flow HD movies (use Vidbull links). Tubeplus also gives you fast accessibility opinions, movie trailer, and IMDb.com ratings for each film. 

10 | iwatchonline.to - Here you can look for by reputation, time frame, high quality, and category. High Meaning hyperlinks are available and short opinions ( by hanging your rabbit over film symbol ) make using iwatchonline an excellent choice.  
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Speed up Your Android Mobile Phones

You may have noticed over the past few months that your once-speedy Android os program has bogged down down considerably. Easy projects such as changing between programs or coming back are showing more problematic than before, and you are now experiencing lag in all the wrong places. Factors don't have to be this way, however.
These simple tips and techniques can help rate up your program and make it execute like new:

1. Remove or turn off rarely used apps

Your program has a limited amount of internal storage area and the less 100 % free area it has the more slowly it will execute. If you have filled your program with photos, music, or programs, it is recommended to totally release area by either removing rarely used programs or moving files to reasoning storage area services like Dropbox or Search engines Drive.

Uninstalling programs can be done by going to Configurations, starting the Apps selection, and selecting the app you wish to uninstall. Pre installed programs from providers or producers that cannot be removed, known as bloatware, can at least be impaired and invisible from the app cabinet using this method.
On mobile phones and pills including extended storage area you can also shift programs to the microSD cards. To do this, enter Configurations, go to the Apps selection, click the app you wish to shift, and choose the "Move to SD card" choice.
uninstall,android apps

2. Clear app caches

Cached information can develop up eventually in your programs and affect the performance of your program. Removing individual caches can be done in the Apps selection, but a variety of 100 % free programs are available through the Search engines Play store that can improve the process. Some of the most popular ones consist of App Storage cache Cleaner and Clean Master, both of which are available for 100 % free.

3. Limit icons and stay wallpapers

Many people would claim that icons are one of the benefits of using an Android os program. They can be helpful for finding information quickly without having to start an app, but simultaneously they can eat away at battery power and slowly your program.
Reducing the variety of icons, especially data-intensive ones like Facebook or myspace, will help your smart phone or tablet run more efficiently and last longer. You can remove icons from the desltop by long-pressing the one you wish to remove and pulling it to the top of the display.
Another cool Android os feature is the choice to use a stay picture as your background. Like icons, however, stay picture can slowly down your program and strain battery power. You can also change your picture with a lengthy press on the desltop.

4. Disable animations

A invisible settings choice in Android os will give you accessibility instructions you may have never known persisted. Go to Configurations, About Cellphone, search down to Build variety, and tap it seven times. You will now have accessibility designer choices. These special settings allow you to do a variety of products, but they are meant for innovative customers and shouldn't be changed unless you know what you are doing.
off animation,easy close animation

One modify that could rate up your program is limiting animated graphics within the os. To do this, start Configurations, go to Developer choices, and search down to the Illustrating choice. Next, turn off the Window movement range, Conversion movement range, and Animator duration range. This will turn off animated graphics that occur when you start, close, and switch between programs. Although the interface will look less refined, there should be less lag in performance.

5. Get application updates

Manufacturers and providers are constantly forcing out new application up-dates to their devices. It is crucial that you be on the latest firmware as these up-dates usually consist of security and bug repairs, among other stuff that will improve the overall balance of your program. To check to see if there is an upgrade available, go to Configurations, choose About Cellphone, and choose the "System updates" choice.

6. Rooting, ROMing, and more

Risk takers and innovative customers can also root their program, which will start the door to new features and even greater performance increases. Cheering gives you the ability to overclock the unit's processer, set up a custom ROM, and other things; however it also voids your assurance and could cause permanent damage to the product.
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